[its not always as bad as you think it is] [2004-01-08 @ 4:23 pm]

Monthly update.... a little behind- sorry........ugh!

I have been posting more in my other journals I guess. I have been pretty busy. Saw my Dad in Vegas - walked him down the aisle for his wedding...after not seeing him for 5 years. He looked really good.- I was glad to do it and had a great time with family and friends on New Years... A couple of my good old friends came to the wedding. That made me so happy. And it was cool my Dad and Step Mom got to meet them.

When I got back I got food poisoning.- Which was a harrowing experience. The most intense stomach pain I have had in 2 years since my almost ulcer experience.

Then while helping my friend get cash to leave her boyfriend - took her to Amobea to sell CDs,etc. well on our way we almost got into a 5 car smash up on the 101.-We were so lucky. Not even hit.- My back and neck are a little sore. But I will live.- My life definitely flashed before my eyes though.-And it put my life into a new perspective....That I shouldnt take things for granted.-

I think this all happened before my birthday for a reason.... I turn 26 on Sunday....so I guess I needed to think and feel these things...

The near accident happened on the full moon- so that kind of makes sense.-

I feel a creative re-charge.- I am not sure where I am going to be posting my writing and diaries more. Here, live-journal or my xanga thing.-

I am going to be working on my new demo as well as a thru the mail music project with a friend in Arizona and also some film writing stuff here in LA with a good friend I have known for 7 years.- So I am looking forward to all this creative energy.

Yah 2004!-

No matter how crappy my life seems. I know someone has had it worse....The following link reminded me of that today. That just makes me numb.-Disturbing.- Not to leave on a dark note.- but...it's not all happiness and sunshine.




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